Help save the sacred hill of Hiiemägi

The sacred hill of Hiiemägi in Paluküla (province of Rapla, municipality of Kehtna) in Estonia needs your help. The hill is threatened by plans to set up a massive holiday and sport resort on this historic, sacred site and its surroundings in the protected landscape of Kõnnumaa. Preparations for the project have already started.

It has become clear that the officials of the Rapla province with power to decide on the issue are ignoring the fact that the hill is sacred. The plans have been approved by the officials responsible for conserving environmental as well as historic values in the province.

That is why we have decided to appeal directly to Minister of the Environment Villu Reiljan. As holder of this office, he has both the right and the obligation to stop the plans for the development of the sacred hill.

We ask you to sign the petition demanding that the sacred hill be protected.

Please send this appeal to your friends and other people you know.

The petition (rtf document, in English)

The Sacred Hill of Paluküla

Estonian House of Taara and Native Religions

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Minister of the Environment Villu Reiljan
Ministry of the Environment of Estonia

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A petition for the protection of the hill of Hiiemägi in Paluküla

We the undersigned wish to remind you that the plans to set up a holiday and sport resort (with ski lifts and stadiums) on the hill of Hiiemägi in Paluküla - part of the landscape protection area of Kõnnumaa in the province of Rapla - are in direct conflict with the traditional customs and values of the original inhabitants of the area. The hill of Hiiemägi is a representation of important cultural as well as natural values, and it is absolutely necessary that the integrity and preservation of the site be guaranteed now and in the future.

The hill of Hiiemägi in Paluküla is not just any piece of real estate, it is an ancient place of worship known as a sacred grove. It serves not only as a symbol of the local identity, but also as something that, in itself, helps sustain this very identity. You cannot extract kroons and dollars from the sacred site without trampling on the bones of ancestors and the values inherited from the ancient past.

The hill of Hiiemägi is part of the wider cultural heritage of Estonia. The country has a total of more than 500 sacred groves, with only a quarter of them protected. Each and every one of them is special and important for Estonia as a site of cultural and natural interest. Meanwhile, the trend seems to be that ever more historic and sacred sites are being sacrificed for financial gain. That is why it is necessary for the Estonian national and local governments to take decisive measures to guarantee that these sites are preserved and cared for in the spirit of the tradition of the original inhabitants.

We the undersigned demand that the Ministry of the Environment of Estonia, as the governing body of the landscape protection area of Kõnnumaa, and the municipality of Kehtna, as the owner of the estate, respect the cultural heritage of the Estonian people and ensure a quiet and peaceful existence on the sacred hill site for past, present and future generations.

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