Declaration of the Uralic Communion

We, representatives of the native Uralic religions, living in the  NW of Eurasia since time immemorial, possessing our own languages, traditions and faiths, consisting an integral part of human heritage, admitting our responsibility before the future, pronounce:

-in spite of centuries-long pressure of the official religions of the states under whose jurisdiction we belong, we have preserved our traditional religions up to this day

-thanks to the unique spiritual richness our  nations have developed a sensitive system of harmonious co-operation with nature, environment, other nations and representatives of other confessions, the co-operation being vital for the future existence of man, being a part of the nature and the whole Universe

-we are convinced that our experience of animated and sparing attitude towards nature and everything good that surrounds  man is useful for all the nations of the world

Departing from the above-mentioned, we, representatives of native religions of Finno-Ugric nations: Estonian, Mari, Erzya-Mordovian, Finnish founded the International Uralic Communion of Native Religions, the main aims of which being following:

-protection of religious and cultural rights of the Uralic nations

-spiritual renaiscance of the nations having already lost part of their language, culture, traditions

-convincing young generations that only ability to live in harmony with nature and environment helps them to be content

-preservation of native mental principles of family life, formation of respective attitude towards mother and veneration of ancestors

-aid for people having lost the ideals of life

-co-operation and development of favorable contacts with sympathetic representatives of other confessions for wellbeing of the future humankind

28.07.10214 (2001)

For the Estonian House of  Taara and Native Religions

Ott Heinapuu


For the mari religious-cultural organization „Sorta“

Juri Kalijev


For the Sacred Council of Ošmari-Čimari, the mari religious centre

Aleksei Juzõkain


For the Union of Finnish National Religion

Pauli Muukkonen


For the believers of the native religion of the Erzja

Mariz Kemal